A Self-Care Box for Everyone.

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What is Darkspots?

Darkspots established in 2017 is a brand that encompasses mental health, positivity and a loving focus towards everyday life. But whilst all of this sounds big and inhuman we are far from it, everything we do is crafted with time, care and aims to add a personal touch to the self-care that we have to offer. 

Dull days with little motivation are our opponents and we aim to fight them step-by-step with our Darkspots Box.

Welcome aboard x

Who are we?

We is actually an I, the word I is something that sounds only selfish, Darkspots is a team effort. Here we all help each other through the darker days and aim to boost low mood among those suffering whether exceptionally or just having a bad day. 

I is me, Liam, 21 and the creator of Darkspots. I consider myself to be a beacon for positivity (most of the time) but when I'm not, I know from experience that something needs to be shared on the subject before things spiral.


Think Inside the Box.

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"I loved the idea from day one"

— Darkspots subscriber Katie

Learn to Love Who you are.

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Why a Box?

The idea of a box came to mind when trying to think of one single way to cure low mood and add a little more positivity to someone's day. The answer? There isn't one.

So we made a box filled with them! Each one adding new items and things to trial to add a surprise to someone else's day. Mental illness, low mood and feeling dissatisfied with the person you are, are all perfectly good reasons to sign up but just wanting to be a better version of yourself is enough.

Oh and one last thing, how are you today?