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Darkspots or for the grammatically correct 'dark spots' is a new type of business, service and product all sat nicely under one title. Think about your last 'low' day, was it: yesterday? Last week? A month ago? Or even right now?

Never fear Darkspots is here! An easy and convenient box subscription service offering tips, products and strategies to make you feel as close to full battery power once again! So be it a monthly coffee boost or that much needed meditation we have you covered.

Go on, give it a try! It's a case of mind over matter.


Technically a business but we're far from balance sheets and email chains. No, none of that here. 

A small team of friends focused on the planets well-being, physically pretty similar but mentally our power is in the execution. Driven and understanding of situation, circumstance and those 'help me' moments. 

As a non-emotionally connected robot may put it: if you're not OK then neither are we.


Think Inside the Box

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"Mental wellness crisis, no more!"

— Friends of Darkspots

Build the Bridge to Wellbeing

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Now for the deadly serious disclaimer you've all been waiting for.

Originally just an idea in our heads, putting Darkspots to paper wasn't easy. However, mental health like it or not has never been treated with the same gradient of care as physical health. That's where we come in.

Taking on the stigma and these strange emotions with products, mood changers if you like, that mean you don't have to be an expert in understanding the brain to feel better. Your part in all of this? Parting with just £10 a month to receive this downtime it's all just a series of click away.

Oh and one last thing. Ask yourself, how are you today?