The Beginning.


Where and when it all began.

Hi there, my name is Liam, nice to meet you. Here's a little of my story and how Darkspots began.

It was late 2015 and life was changing quite drastically, no longer a college student and daunted by the thought of university, in the end I decided it wasn't for me. The thinking behind this? Why let a three year degree decide how employable or great I was as a person. The pressure deeply haunted me and I felt a sense of non-belonging towards this "normal" educational progression, so instead I fell into an apprenticeship.

Ultimately this small and empty time period between college and eventually nothing-ness got too much for me, what was I to do? With the ultimate question being, what now?

Emotionally I was lost and struggling to find friends who would help me through, my overall mental health and the lack of true happiness was a big concern and things took a turn for the worst. A huge cloud of depression had cast its shadow over me, left feeling numb, worthless and lacking a reason to exist, seeking help from GP's, family members and anyone who would temporarily chip in was the only thing keeping me alive. 

As time went on emotions and recovery allowed me to feel slightly better each day, to become what I am this very moment.

What happened next?

From this point onwards things were a little different, desperate to make a difference and help others not only in this situation but throughout the smaller, lesser spoken of down days and real emotions that education never taught us. 


2017 had not long began and so had the ideas flowing throughout my mind, somewhere within all of this Darkspots was founded with the concept that mental health and all-around happiness should come first.  Join me and Darkspots on this journey to discovering what it is that truly lets us be happy without the need for self-doubt. Let self-care be the first step towards a happier and healthily fulfilled lifestyle, as a team we will combat those dark spots! 

Together we are never alone and together we shall grow as one.

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