December 2017 - What's in the Box?


December 2017 - What's in the Box?  

A big December hello there! Welcome to our latest contents unveiling (arguably the favourite part of our month), get ready to feast your eyes upon this months self-care picks which even have a little Christmassy feel to them. Here at Darkspots we know that mental illness and feeling down doesn't take a break at this time of year so why should we stop caring? That's right we shouldn't! This is why all year round our focus is YOU! Without any more hesitation let's get stuck into this months 'What's in the Box?'.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all :)

Mindful Doughs - Dough  

Handmade products are something that we never shy away from here at Darkspots. So this month when we got in touch with Rebecca of Mindful Doughs the temptation to include one of her pots in each of our boxes was something not to be turned down.
Touch and sensation of relief are feelings that go hand-in-hand (quite literally), made by Rebecca who has been there and experienced the lowest points of a mental health battle. To be used as an escape from stressful moments or just to occupy your hands, the dough created is a great tool to carry with you in moments of need.
A short note, Rebecca would love to hear your feedback on the dough as these are the very first batch available, you really are lucky to be receiving this exclusive! 
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Silver Jingle Bells - Tree Decoration

With this box item, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an even brighter new year! 
A little gift from us to you, hang it from your tree and know that you are thought of, your existence matters. 
There’s something magical about the sound and feeling of a jingle bell in hand, it almost feels like Mr Claus himself has gifted us with one of his own creations. The Christmas period holds a different meaning for each individual, whether this is just a period to relax and endure a peaceful break from the rush of the year gone by or perhaps an energetic family get together. The choice is yours, all that we can hope is that you’ll enjoy some time with others and feel happier, being together as one.

Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist
Available on - BeauxAroma

From BeauxAroma, the natural and cruelty-free online store we have for you a specially selected pillow mist. For recommended usage and full ingredients see the bottle for details.
The mist is designed to help calm your mind and add a relieving scent to your bedtime routine.    Nothing too overpowering as we find that stronger fragrances can hinder our sleep and prevent us from getting the best out of our pillow time. 
Suffering from a mental illness and feeling low can mean that we crave more sleep or get less of it. It’s important to allow yourself plenty of time beforehand to prepare for this and calm your mind so that when the time comes around you can happily drift off into a deep and worthwhile nod.

A5 Whiteboard and Pen

Scribbling down endless thoughts and worries that we may have throughout our day is a great way to put this whiteboard and pen to good use. 
It’s found that being physically creative and putting words to paper can help us unleash the worries that we’re holding onto on the inside. 
A perfect way to end and begin the day is by writing down just a few things that are worrying you at that point in time, this way you can reflect on your troubles and feel better for letting out these feelings. Another reason that we love whiteboards is that you can erase all of the scribbles that you don’t want, keeping all of the good words and drawings that see you at your happiest.

Hand Drawn Animal Design by Sophie Kay
See her Instagram @sophiekayart for further inspiration

Colouring in can seem like a pointless task to many but what isn’t immediately realised is the relaxation and meditative state experienced can help us expel negative thoughts from our mind.
Now a little bit about Sophie Kay and why we think her artistic work deserves much more recognition than she already has. Sophie has experienced mental illness first hand and suffers from anxiety, however, she finds that being creative and expressing her art on paper helps her to relax and get through darker periods during her day. That’s why in this months box we asked her to come up with a range of designs that you can colour in, that way Sophie’s art can help you throughout your day as much as it does for her.

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.
December’s Spot delves into a very important subject, whether you’re suffering a mental illness or having a down day, perfection! Often our mind searches for a solution that isn’t flawed and is quick to point out a difference in someone else if it finds one. However, like in our spot if you take a moment to identify the weaknesses in everyday life you will realise that nothing is perfect, we can strive to be our very best but there will always be that one day where things just don’t fall in our direction.

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