Welcome, Hello and This is Who We Are

Hello in every language of the world! So I guess we should introduce ourselves, it would be cold-hearted otherwise. We're Darkspots based in the U of the K, here to provide mental health check and well being routine you've been craving. 

With a strong focus on reducing the impact of those 'dark spots'. Originally founded in 2017, new to the game but willing to bypass the curse of the newbie. In return for £10 of your English dollar we are aiming to provide you with a box full of both technique and substance, something to make you smile. Our message to you is that we do care and we are your friend so if you ever have a challenging life situation or a niggly negative thought just let us know. By return we will try our utmost hardest to ensure your well being is our number one priority.

That's our aim but what about yours? We'd love to know, that's why below we've asked you to list just one goal small or large that you'd love to achieve over your lifetime. Don't worry there's none of that third party sharing rubbish just you and us embarking on this new journey inside a box, together. 

So welcome aboard, fellow #MonthlyMentalCheck subscribers and new to the game viewers!

Life Goals

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