Our Very First Review!

Find out here exactly what one of our loyal subscribers had to say about the very first box we shipped out on April 1st 2017. For us this was a historic moment so to get positive and constructive feedback was entirely welcomed after all no one’s perfect (no not even us!) it’s good to know that there’s an improvement here and there to be made.

With our further ado here it is for all to see…

Hi Darkspots

I received the box today and it is very good considering it's the first! 

I do however just want to say that the banana became very mushed and bruised and so I have had to throw it unfortunately, maybe next time you could use something like banana chips so they are packaged and have a good shelf life also! 

The other things were lovely though and the box was very sturdy, it took some work to get into it! But I'd rather the products be safe than it turn up and the box be damaged. 

I shall be putting the notebooks to good use and definitely using the Mason jar for positives of my day! I've added the tea to my extensive herbal tea collection (which has now taken over a whole cupboard, but I'm slowly getting through them!)

Hope to hear from you soon and congratulations on your first box of many I'm sure!

Many thanks


…Sooo we made a banana shaped mishap, it happens! Next time we send out fresh produce we just know that we’ll try our very best to make sure it gets there in one edible, less mushy piece.

To conclude this wonderfully positive and organic review we thought we’d just say thank you for all the support and subscriptions received so far together we are only just beginning to raise awareness and help to tackle those mental Darkspots, along with the stress and anxiety that comes with them. On its way is box number two, which will be dosed with a fresh set of products, tasks and things to keep your mind occupied.

Look out May 1st is fast approaching!

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