May 2017 - What's in the Box?

As far as follow ups go we're proud to say that this one is perhaps the best yet! As mentioned before, sometimes first introductions can be a little awkward and anti-climatic at times so we're happy to announce that this second installment of our box subscription could be the greatest thus far (not that there's much competition).

Here it is, the item by item breakdown for our latest monthly installment so without further ado we present: the next helping of Darkspots goodness, enjoy!



Bounce Energy Ball - Spirulina & Ginseng 

A nutritional packed treat for you, we hope this finds you well. We find that this is best enjoyed about mid-afternoon or for that awkward food gap between breakfast and lunch (brunch?).
The perfect healthy boost to leave you feeling full and as though you’ve really nurtured your well-being. 
Not to be confused with a medical cure however, this energy bite is just a little something to help you approach your body in a more mindful and positive manner.
Something we haven’t yet told you is that this is our favourite healthy snack, maybe a little inspiration for yours when you decide to complete the shopping quest that lies ahead.
Mmmmm... enjoy!


Supermarket Trip - Map and To Do List

Here we have for you a task to be completed whenever you feel as though you’re ready. You may be thinking ‘I’m no pirate or a three year old’, yes you’re right but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little old school fun every now and again.
The idea here is that you’ll first read the to do list set out for you and aim to conquer these simple but effective tasks. 
We know first hand that social anxiety and avoiding any kind of mass gathering can sometimes be the easiest answer, honestly this is why we’re online and not currently stood at the front of a huge store ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. It doesn’t have to be our weakness, instead make it that one new idea you’ll try this weekend or on a nice evening when all is calm around you. The choice is yours.


Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes are the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all in the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.
As promised it’s here the thought and theme for this box, hopefully allowing you to reflect and focus on the control you have over your own actions.
We’re not saying it’s easy to find a single or any definition of yourself for that matter, just live for the now and aim to become more content with life that should do the trick!

Fidget Cube

If you’ve been rooting around on social media you may have seen some almost forgotten pal share this with the many ‘friends’ they claim to have. So we thought we’d get one for just for you! 
You may still be completely unaware of the wonders of the Fidget Cube, well worry and stress your little fingers no more. Wave a slow and sorrowful good bye to nail-biting and clenching irritated fists because this little cube is now your answer. 
Pocket size so you can take it with you wherever you are and no one has to know (unless you wish to share the wonders). The aim is to occupy your fingers and relieve stress, allowing you to feel more in control of those difficult mind numbing decisions and general everyday clutter. Six sides of pure coping. 

Seeds for Sowing 

‘Yeah sure seeds will make me feel better about myself’
What about if we just give this a try? There are a few extras needed for this one, either using an old plastic plant pot or up-cycling a plastic container you have lying around. Along with some soil and then ensuring that your seedling has plenty of water and sunlight!
We won’t go through the whole planting process this is entirely in your caring and capable hands.
However, we will say that the thinking behind this is you now have something that depends on you, helping it to grow and ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged by any external forces. 
To this plant your existence matters and over time it will only grow as you discover YOU as an individual.

Cupcake Kit

Another task? We gave you a small healthy treat, how about something a little more sweeter and to let you get your hands dirty?
The smell and satisfaction of home-baking just cannot be matched. Here we have for you a kit which is a bit cheat-y but still requires effort in order to be rewarded for your kindness. 
Just pick up a few extra ingredients either add them to your ‘big shop’ or you could even collect them on your supermarket mission we set you. A few extra brownie points! 
Either way we hope you are able to take time and enjoy some cake baking fun, especially in creating a unique and individual icing. Whether it’s a cupcake disaster or the next bake off beauty, ready, steady BAKE!


And there we have it...

May's offering to all you lovely subscribers and for those of you who haven't yet signed up there's still plenty of time to get yourself booked in for next months dosage of Darkspots surprises! Hopefully this has inspired you to once again find faith in others, after all we're only human beings who want the best for everyone else's well being, until next month. Darkspots out.

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