July 2017 - What's in the Box?

Hi there!

If you’re new to Darkspots or just trialing our box subscription service we’d love to get to know you a little more and are always open to suggestions so drop us an email at support@darkspots.co.uk or get in touch with us through one of our social channels. That aside, how are you today? Could you rate it out of ten? Anything less than a five is perhaps not a good day. 
Hopefully we can change all that with our monthly box, cramming in a wide variety of things to do plus new and exciting products along the way. So if you think it's for you subscribe or try our one-off box!

Here we present #DarkspotsBoxFour with contents galore!

1. Pattern Colouring Book

Hello Picasso! 

OK maybe not everyone or anyone in fact can live up to his standards however that doesn’t make your drawings and artwork any less worthy. Use this colouring book to take a moment out and get lost in some mindful and relaxing colouring, with 40 designs to choose from all that’s left to do is find a comfortable spot and embark on your artistic journey. 
It’s said that colouring books like these are often prescribed by psychiatrists which can only mean one thing. They’re as close as you can get to mind medicine! Really targeting everyday stress and anxiety, we think that there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t allow a little time to sit down and take some time out for this activity.

2. Oversized Black Peg  

Now the first thing that springs to mind when considering mental health care admittedly probably isn’t a peg. So why you ask have we decided to add this to our box for helping with mental struggles?
The answer is simply like this peg in life you can cling on to things, sometimes latching on too hard and others not holding on enough. The lesson here is that you should grasp on to the things that are good for you both mentally and physically, so use this peg for whatever you like. We’re suggesting it’s used as a holder of notes, collector of really hilarious embarrassing photos or even to remind you that you’re running low on milk! 
It’s not official but we’re calling this one our ‘positivity peg’ (everyone loves a little alliteration once in a while)

3. Handmade Bookmark by Lisa
Available on Etsy - AboveAnxietyDesigns

For our fourth installment we got the chance to work with Lisa of AboveAnxietyDesigns who crafts and as the title suggests hand makes all of her crafts from cards to bookmarks. She really does add her own special touches to each and every product, looking both cute and perfectly crafted we love them. 
Kindly Lisa has designed a selection of unique bookmarks exclusively for Darkspots, we’re really loving the fruity theme. 
For the ideal companion discover one of our recommended reads and put the bookmark to good use or for the perfect pick me up try hanging it up for all to see. However you use it, make sure you know that it was handmade with love. 
Check out Lisa’s Etsy store for more products and further designs available. 

4. Darkspots Recommended Reads

Last month saw Darkspots Movies shine, this time around we’re giving you our recommended reads. A short compilation of books we feel are really effective at helping to tackle mental illness and offering advice to those who have been in similar situations. 
You don’t have to read each one cover to cover but what you can do is find yourself a copy and get lost in a good book. Our personal favourite is Happy by Fearne Cotton as this not only approaches mental health with a strategic and caring approach but it offers plenty of reader interaction. 
All of the books have been hand picked by us as we’ve carefully read them to ensure only the best for our loyal following.

5. Darkspot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes are the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all in the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.
This time we’re asking you to stop and take short moments throughout your day to focus on the present setting. Whether this is a busy city surrounding or a quiet country outing, either way to focus your mind and be aware of the current environment and your emotions are far more important than you may imagine.

6. Lavender Scented Candles

A set of three lavender scented candles, for use almost anywhere whether it’s a bath time aroma or just a scent to lighten the evening this one is perfect! Lavender is known for its ability to reduce emotional stress and anxiety along with improving sleep and alleviating headaches, if there’s one thing for sure it’s that lavender is perhaps an unsung hero.
Our only tip for you: be careful when lighting and try not to use them all at once!

Even on dark days where signs of hope seem to run from your every movement just think about the lighting of a candle, an activity that we find so calming. Don’t just sit and stare at the box! Get one out, even if it is just to inhale the beautiful aroma.

7. Incense Sticks

More smells! Yes you’ve guessed it or should we say smelt it, a set of incense sticks ready to be lit.
When we fire up one of these sacred sticks we think of Japan and the beautiful setting of an authentic Japanese town. A short warning, when lighting one it may be advisable to open a window and let some air in, they can be quite overpowering when used in a confined space.

To use: Light the tip of the incense stick, gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. The incense should let off a pale smoke, indicating that it is smoldering. Finally place the unlit end in an appropriate incense burner and enjoy the relaxing aroma it lets off.

... In the words of Porky Pig: That's all folks! For this time around anyway!

We hope each any every recipient was happy with their box, whether it was your first or you've been with us from day one we're always keen to provide the best possible service around. And if you feel as though you want to refer us to a friend or sign them up to receive next months box, you know what to do! 

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