August 2017 - What's in the Box?

For our August edition box we decided to pull out all of the stops for our mental health and self-help warriors! 
(That’s you)
Even the inside of our box has had a makeover, faux grass but we promise that in terms of self-care nothing here is fake. 
So be ready to feast your eyes upon #DarkspotsBoxFive and allow the summer vibe to fill your mind and heart with joy! Whether you’re getting away for the summer or just chilling under the somewhat unpredictable British sun, we’re saying #DontWorryBeHappy.

Spirograph Set

First of all let us tell you that when this got delivered to our door our inner child was unleashed from our somewhat slightly adult bodies, with it bringing joy and a prolonged period of distraction!
(Back on track)
With neon colours, wonderfully creative possibilities and completely crazy upward spirals, of course we’re describing nothing other than our spirograph set. Take it with you on your summer in the sun and lose yourself in entirely unpredictable doodling. We always find that no two designs are the same, changing colours and even following new paths, what a perfect way to enjoy some time to focus your mind on more simplistic tasks.

The Body Shop - Soap Bar  

Scented, smooth and completely free from any kind of animal testing. A travel must! 
Just because you’re taking a holiday doesn’t mean that your skin care should, use the soap bar and its powerful scent to relax your body and mind. After all, mental health deserves to be on complete par, if not a higher priority than its physical other half. 
For all ingredients and allergens please check the packaging before trying, the last thing we want is any unnecessary harm to be caused. 

Bouncy Globe Ball

Fun comes in many shapes and well... balls! This one just happens to have the world at its feet, reminding you that the world actually is your oyster. Call us cliche but its true, your mind as well as your body love to wonder so why not allow it to?
With this being our summer edition we thought we’d give you a little something to play around with and perhaps to prompt that last minute getaway. 
Studies even show that trust and relationships can grow as a result of a simple game of catch! Who knew such a small and almost mindless activity could help us through so much? So next time you feel as though your friendship needs an added test or just need an excuse to play ball, let this be your go to game of choice.

Handmade Pin Badge by Sam Martin
Available on Etsy - ChronicallyDivine

As far as badges go we’re thinking that these are the most powerful and beautiful around! Hand crafted and calligraphed by Sam Martin who has lovingly added her own touch to each one. 
If you’re wanting more or just curious of her work see all she has to offer throughout her Etsy store. Wear it proudly and spread the mindfulness     movement with us! 
From our experience they work great on backpacks for everyday bravery adventures out into the social world. Bright and colourful adding an element of cute but serious to almost any activity.

Pineapple Stress Reliever 

Brightly coloured?... Check
Fruity?... Check
Reliever of stress?... Check
What more could we ask for? Use this stress reliever for perhaps those tension stricken moments under the sun this summer. Another suggestion we had in mind would be to ensure that this is packed in your suitcase along with all of your other holiday essentials! Whichever you choose, just know that pain and anguish are often best unleashed rather than staying bottled up until you can cope no longer.

FACT: Stress balls originated in Ancient China around 1368 AD as hard Baoding Balls, that are still used today, and these traditional balls are intended to be rotated in one’s palm, and are said to stimulate a person’s acupressure points on the hand... So they do work?


Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes are the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all in the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.
August brings with it a ‘bad day’ challenge because let’s face it, we all have those days where even managing to look our best is a struggle. Writing our thoughts down and being aware of the simple challenges we all face can help us to manage those mental negatives in a more logical way.

Until next time

It's sad to say it but that the end of this months box contents! We thoroughly hope you enjoyed opening your box and unmasking the contents as much as we did selecting and putting the product collection together. Exciting things are to come, after all the next box will be our sixth! Meaning that we've made it through half a year and still we're going strong, both mentally and physically we feel as though your support along with subscriptions has helped keep us going. For that we want to say a BIG...

Thank you!

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