September 2017 - What's in the Box?

As Summer draws to a close and it seems that another month comes to an end, we can only say that we're happy to present you with this months box! So listen out here for the latest contents and all the run down of what's to come. 

As we've noticed that the mailing list for our email updates and the most up-to-date news is starting to pile up but sadly this hasn't been something that has been used properly or at all if we're completely honest! However, we're pleased to announce that exciting times are ahead and this month will see the launch of our very first Darkspots email updates. The plan is that updates will be issued monthly and are likely to include features from guest bloggers who team up with us in battling the stigma around mental illness. So please sign up and join us on this journey together.

See you there!

Now for September's box contents!

Summer Holiday Postcard

You may have already guessed it but this summer we took a trip away to the Canary Islands and thought it would be a great idea to send back a post card to you all. The thinking behind this was never meant to cause envy but instead a hopeful message of opportunity reminding ourselves that we deserve a break every now and again. 
Often finding that we’re piling up thoughts and mindless worries on to the endless mound, this is your chance to realise that beauty and relaxation are what both your body and mind need to survive. 
Five star hotels and golden sands are nice however a good lie down on the sofa or an evening unwinding are just as good in our eyes!

Sleeping Mask

One of the debilitating things about mental illness is that sleep is overlooked all too often. Considered by many to be just something that helps our body to recover, when in actual fact our mind is clearing out toxins and subconsciously thinking about the next steps within our lives. 
In order to help with restless nights and being unable to find somewhere comfortable to sleep we’ve given you a sleeping mask, one thats comfy, universal and emblazoned with a different emotion for each of you.
Feel free to try it out and test whether this is right for you. Personally we think that this is fab and is great for use almost anywhere, probably best to steer clear of any office usage though! 

Fruity Hand Soap

Here at Darkspots we have a guilty confession to make, we just can’t get enough of this hand soap! 
The fruity smell and the smooth sensation on your skin just leaves us feeling satisfied that not only are our hands clean but we have a happy smell to liven up our day. 
Whether you decide to use it only certain occassions or demolish the entire bottle within a week! 
(We admit that would perhaps be a little too much) Please enjoy the physical self-care provided by this unique and colourful soap. 
We can smell and feel the happiness already!

Do This Instead - Envelope
Available on Etsy at ThePositivePage

Previous months have seen us team up with inspirational individuals and get hold of unique and mindful creations, this month being no different!
For the latest box we have added Lauren Woods of @PositivePage_ to our list of good friends. Her ‘Do This Instead’ envelopes are brilliant, we just can’t wait for you to read and get your hands on her wonderful crafts. 
The envelope itself is filled with reminders and alternatives, that we could focus on instead of allowing mental illness and down days to get the better of us. Please open the envelope and allow yourself some time to focus on YOU for as long as you may need.
Don’t thank us, thank Lauren!

Heart Shaped Peace Stone

Brightly coloured yet still cold to touch, we feel as though we can relate. The stigma around mental illness is stressful enough to make us feel as though you don’t belong or are cold hearted on this inside. In fact this is completely untrue and is a small part of the reason why we do what we do! 
Busting the stigma and creating something that allows individuals to care for themselves is our aim but we’re barely even started. 
This stone is our gift to you, displaying the word ‘peace’ for that day in the near future, when you feel as though you can be at peace with those around you and understand the limitations of mental illness along with how we can care for ourselves.

Drawing Activity Cards

A selection of four cards designed by us here at Darkspots to assist with being mindful and getting to the really nitty gritty of your happy place. 
At many stages throughout life we often go through trauma but take little time to stop and assess the situation properly. That’s where the activity cards come in, asking you to remove any idealisms of perfect and focus on living in the NOW! After all dwelling on future fantasies and digging up the past can only be harmful to how we live our lives today!
We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these cards as we feel as though they could have a regular placement within our boxes. Simple tasks and writing things down on paper make us realise just where we are with ourselves.


September’s Darkspot sees us take on an alternative approach, quite literally! Asking you to add just a little difference within your daily routine. 
When it comes to this topic we know that we’re all guilty of playing it safe and sticking to what we know however, sometimes making small additions or alterations can assist in keeping us going. 
We’re no hypocrite! Our change of choice was to listen to alternative music types, something that would help relax our mind. 
Now there’s a small soft spot for Frank Ocean!

Now... seems that this concludes September's box contents in detail. A short but sweet thank you to everyone who has got in touch to tell us how inspired they are by our ideas, we can only conclude by saying that without subscriptions and messages to keep us going we may just be in the same position as you guys! A special thank you to Lauren Woods of The Positive Page for allowing us to include just one of her creations in this months offering, you should be proud.

Until October we hope you're all well but should crisis strike remember that we're never to far away!  

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