October 2017 - What's in the Box?


October 2017 - What's in the Box?


Leaves falling from trees, turning a crisp shade of orange and the air feeling slightly harsher on the skin, it can only be: Autumn is approaching!

With the colder seasons ahead and the last months of the year creeping up on us, it's time for us to shed some light on this cold and dark situation. The current month's box contents were chosen to tackle the woes of feeling SAD along with our usual self-care thinking, to allow you to look after your mind as well as the overall wellbeing of the body (but mostly the mind).

As we grow our following and become more knowledgeable of which self-care methods work best, we are able to offer a wider range of exclusives and unique products to ensure that our subscribers come first. With that in mind, October's box was no different as we sourced beautiful handmade crafts, thoughtful finds and fun-filled items to ensure your loyalty as a follower was rewarded. 

Now we are ready for the BIG UNVEILING of our latest box! Happy Autumn and remember to look after those mental lows to avoid feeling SAD for too long.

Mug With Positive Message

Being British and craving a sense of belonging are two things that make this first item special to us. 
Most days we can be left feeling as though we need a little time to ourselves away from the constant judgement of others, to reconcile our thoughts and open up to what is truly bothering us. Here we have a mug to add to your collection (perhaps save this one for special occasions), on it is a positive message to keep you going when you need just a small pick me up!
Select your drink of choice and unwind for a moment, thinking of simpler tasks instead of allowing the more complex goings-on to affect your mood. Another thought is to find a space that is away from screens or means that you can put your phone down and take in the surroundings of the NOW. 


Upcycled Crafts - Available on Instagram at

First of all, a short story about the crafts in this box and how we just can’t get enough of Broken Crayons Crafts! After finding the Instagram account of this small family run craft business we thought it would be rude not to message and let them know just how much we admired the thoughts and designs they had to offer. One thing led to another and now all we can say is, please enjoy and take your time to uncover the unique beauty of each piece provided by Mother and Daughter of Broken Crayons Crafts. 
Moments like this don’t come along all too often, if the crafts are something that you’re particularly interested in and would like to know the story behind them then please follow @BrokenCrayonsCrafts on Instagram and DM for the details


Play-Doh Rainbow Tubs (2oz)

Sometimes it’s the small things that keep us going, so we figured instead of clenching a fist or nail-biting we would introduce you to our slightly childish technique of Play-Doh moulding!
We’re sure that the as an infant you may have made your fair share of Play-Doh cakes or tried your best bunny rabbit. Now it’s time to introduce that hobby to your older self. 
Bouts of anxiousness can build up over time and leave us feeling very tense, urging us to feel the need of relieving this sensation before it becomes too much of an obstacle for everyday life. Instead of allowing this build up we’re recommending that squeezing and even creating artistic masterpieces from Play-Doh can help us to refocus our thoughts. Once this has been completed we can allow a greater feeling of satisfaction to enter our mindscape.


Quaker Oats Big Bowl Original Porridge (38.5g)

Cold mornings and hunger pains are two things that we feel need a little care. If you’re a regular to breakfast skipping and waiting it out until lunch then this one is for you! Add your choice of milk whether this is dairy or dairy free, either will do because once heated, porridge can really help set you up for the day! For those of you who are super health conscious, it’s great for your cholesterol so it’s a win-win situation. This big bowl porridge pouch is perfect for the more dismal seasons ahead, adding a topping or a little honey if you prefer a sweeter option. After all, a big bowl breakfast sets a positive and content mood for the day!


Positive Badges
Available online at unravellingminds.com

Bags, tees and just about everywhere really! 
Unravelling Minds can be found online and on social media at @unrave11ingmind. The badges portray a very honest message with the aim to tackle the stigma stricken world of mental illness. Wear them with pride and remind yourself that whether a bad day or good, you too can help others to speak out about their mental health. 
Now a little about duo Emma and Sophie the brains behind Unravelling Minds, where mental health meets fashion. The two friends setup ‘Unravelling Minds’ on the back of fashion careers, recognising the stigma and work that was to be done in order to ensure that mental illness is recognised. Allowing others to wear their individual style with pride, removing any stigma this may have! Still curious about the brand? There's plenty more to be nosey about over at their website



Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all in the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.
With the darker nights drawing in and the warm blanket season being soon upon us, it’s time to rethink how we approach mental health and being content during this colder, darker and duller time of year. In this months Darkspot, we detail a handful of tips you can follow in order to prevent or control feelings of S.A.D. this autumn. 
As always we say, a problem shared is a problem halved, let the ones close to you know how you’re feeling!


What! No more contents? We know the feeling, always wanting more and not delivering. Don't worry there's plenty more to come next month and the month after that and... you get the idea!

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Once again, thank you for listening, liking and subscribing to our box service! We can already feel the stigma running scared. 


Until next time.

Liam and the rest of the Darkspots team x

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