February 2018 - What's in the Box?


February 2018 - What's in the Box?

Wow, we survived January and it wasn’t so bad after all, sure there were lower points you’d rather not talk about but it’s the overall picture that matters. Living with the mantra “it’s okay not to be okay” really does remind you that even though things don’t feel quite right on the inside, life is still able to carry on and feeling this way is nothing to be ashamed of.
With that thought in mind let’s begin with the rundown of contents inside of our February 2018 box and with Valentine’s Day soon approaching many of us may not have found ‘the one’ but what you do have is our helping hand to conquer self-love.

Self-Care Fortune Tellers

Decisions. Reaching a conclusion on what to do next with your time can often be a toughie. Not to worry we’ve created a perfect, fun and interactive tool to help you choose what self-care practice you’ll be carrying out next.
Probably taking you back to when you were a little younger, this colourful and easy to use fortune teller is here to help with your indecisive murmurs! 
Also included is a blank copy of our fortune teller for you to get creative with and begin selecting your own self-care methods. 

An Early Valentine’s Sweet Treat

Aaand the winner of our twitter poll was... Chocolate! 

This may say something about our followers or that when chocolate is an option it’s something that we just can’t resist. However, we’re glad chocolate was chosen because sometimes everyone needs that little pick-me-up whether you’re mentally struggling or not. And as Valentine’s day is still to come we thought we’d take this opportunity to ask you to be ours!

Stationery Selection

Like most tasks it’s important we have the right tools for the job. That’s why this stationery pouch is almost perfect for helping you to put thoughts into words and allowing you to quickly realise the positive side of your inner worries.
To give a little more context to just how important it is to have the right tools for the job we’ve taken a little inspiration from Charles Dickens.

“There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery” - Charles Dickens

If that hasn’t given you a good enough reason to put emotions and thoughts to paper then maybe this just isn’t your thing. Don’t worry there’s plenty more self-care inside our box!

Hug in a Bottle - Pulse Point Essence
Available on Etsy.com at BeauxAroma 

When experiencing anxious rushes and feeling emotionally all over the place it can be a little difficult to know exactly what to do that in order to benefit your mental state. However, having tried and tested this pulse point essence, we feel a lot calmer and as though there is now a suitable fix for short-term anxiety filled rushes. In times of panic, roll this onto your wrist area, upper neck and anywhere that is feeling the distress, doing so will cool and alleviate any built up stress and extreme emotions. 
Don’t just listen to us test it out first, everyone’s reaction and thoughts on this product can differ!

Heart Shaped Plaque

When you’re feeling down finding or experiencing love can be the last thing on your mind. The plaque featured in this box is a small token to help you remember that to someone out there you existence matters. Whether this is someone you see every day or even if you only meet once every 6 months, moments are the things that create and inspire others lives, most of the time these go unnoticed and deserve more credit that they’re given. 

Hang this plain heart wherever you feel it will do it’s best and even add your own touches to it to make it truly yours.

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.

When it comes to reaching a decision and analysing every detail in search of the best possible solution it can seem as though if each item isn’t checked off the list then we shouldn’t let it run its cause. This months spot teaches us to let go of the screaming no’s and to listen to our initial reaction without overthinking the situation before it becomes a bigger problem in our lives.

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