December 2018 - The Contents.

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December 2018 - The Contents.

A short but sweet look at this months self-care box items.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these for personal reasons and to let Darkspots grow a little we took a break from putting together self-care boxes. It now feels so great to be back and looking fresher and new and with more positive messages to spread because if today really wasn’t a good day then you always have tomorrow to do something about it.

Lets get stuck in and begin with the contents for our December box, happy reading.

Liam x

The Happy Newspaper by Emily Coxhead

Our first item is The Happy Newspaper by Emily Coxhead. Initially, setup via a Kickstarter campaign the newspaper reached its target within two days of launch. Containing plenty of positive stories from across the globe and championing everyday heroes, with the idea that there are always acts of good in a world where negative news is so widely reported.

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You Matter Sticker by Tisetas

It’s true you do matter!

Tisetas is a friend of ours, you may have seen within previous boxes we’ve included their stickers and other positively themed items. We really love their approach and feel as though adding just one of Felicidad’s stickers to our lives makes all the difference. Our advice is to stick them to something you come across on a daily basis.

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Heath & Heather Echinacea Tea

100% Organic Echinacea tea from Heath & Heather.

A crisp blend of organic Echinacea leaves the taste buds tingling and is great for the immune system, the herb is thought to reduce many of the symptoms of cold and flu, great for this time of year.

Best enjoyed in the morning to awaken the senses and give a little extra boost without the need for caffeine.

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Snowflake Candles by The Range Home and Leisure

his snowflake tealight style candle gets us in the mood for the festive season and really adds warmth despite the frosty appearance. For extra effect try dimming the lighting and allowing your mind to relax against the natural glow of the flame. Also as this candle is odourless you can enjoy in a range of environments without

overpowering scents or irritating your senses.


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This Month’s Dark Spot

There’s one in every box! Positive messages, inspiring anecdotes and words to help you through the month.

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