March 2018 - What's in the Box?

March 2018 - What's in the Box?

Happy Birthday to us! We really can’t believe it either, Darkspots and more importantly, our self-care boxes turned 1 this month. That’s 12 self-care boxes each filled with something new and exciting to satisfy our mental health and occupational needs. 
This box, of course, is no different, we’ve selected some brand new products and ideas to help us create a box that helps you along with finding a new positive place. 

A short thank you note before we begin...
To each and every subscriber/receiver of this months box, a huge hug of delight goes out to you. Because really when it comes down to it you are what keeps us going, you’re our inspiration and every small act you carry out really does help us to expand and reach more individuals, almost but not quite as unique as you! A personal thank you from me, Liam. x

Fidget Puzzle

Clicking your pen point back up and down or nervously playing with your coat zipper, both we find help to relieve a certain amount of social stress. 
Here’s a slightly more fun, creative and practical way of satisfying this fidget feeling. 
A colourful puzzle to keep you going and almost like a soothing mind activity to allow us to focus on something a bit more straightforward than our everyday lives. However, you decide to use this fidget puzzle just ensure that you don’t get too tense and forget to take some time out of your day to focus on YOU! The most important thing to your existence is your survival and enjoyment.

Unravelling Minds (T)issues

There is sometimes no other way to let out our stored up emotional pain other than crying away the hurt. While this feels like a weakness and something that should be avoided this is where society fools us, crying, in fact, is proven to provide feelings of relief and releases stress hormones or toxins from the body.
Next time you feel a little low, we’re not saying that you should force a tear but you don’t have to hold back if you feel like a good cry might be just what you need to ease a little built up emotional tension. This set of cleverly named (T)issues are straight from Emma and Sophie of Unravelling Minds who together do great things for raising awareness and helping those with mental illness. See their website for further details.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Realistically speaking when in the last 5 years did you ever think that you’d be putting together a jigsaw puzzle again? As a child you may have spent hours or even days trying to put together something so small yet satisfying, it’s the only reason we need to take a moment out of the day to put together a neat little puzzle. 
If you’re not sold on the idea just think about the accomplishment and satisfaction afterward of having completed this small task we’ve set for you. Great exercise and encouragement for both the left and right sides of your brain, the left thinking logically whilst your right is creative, intuitive and emotional. What a mental workout! 

Our 1st Birthday Gift

Everyone loves a good celebration of positivity whether this is going out with friends or enjoying a happy moment at home either is allowed to embrace the fact that we hit the one-year milestone!
Staying completely on the subject (as always) we’ve added a little self-care into this celebration/thank you gift. A card to express just how much you mean to us and a balloon because if you’re like us then you just won’t be able to resist pretending the floor is a pit of fire and you are the only being alive who can save it from touching the floor. That’s one option the other is that you could peacefully watch as the balloon drifts and flies away with the wind, free and careless. 

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.

Be afraid or at least that’s what the Dark Spot says. Being scared to approach everyday situations with a little confidence isn’t easy especially when you’re not mentally feeling able to tackle getting out of bed. The advice given this month is something to challenge you, even if it does take you the next 12 months to accomplish, every small step is progress!


What do you think of our boxes? Could they use any techniques or products that help you out on a day-to-day basis? Comment below or email us at  we'd love to hear your thoughts good or bad!

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