April 2018 - What's in the Box?


April 2018 - What's in the Box?

Let’s get straight into things and clear up a few little housing keeping matters. For the past 12 months now we’ve been delivering our Darkspots Boxes to so many of many of you and we really are keen to help you, help yourself. Otherwise, our job is yet to be completed, as always we’re open to suggestion and would love to hear of any self-care practices that help you through each day. 

Make it your mission to realise your worth and we’re willing to listen just contact us via the Darkspots website and we’ll see what we can do!

Now that we have the admin out of the way let’s begin with finding out what we have to say about this month's contents, here goes...

Strive for Progress not Perfection Sticker by Tisetas available at Etsy.com/shop/tisetas

Do the style and colourful appearance of this sticker seem a little familiar? Well, since our last Tisetas sticker went down a treat we thought why not include another this time featuring another positive quote to help us realise our self-worth and importance to those around us!

Add it to your collection and feel proud that you’re able to wake up each day striving for progress throughout your journey of life. 

Just take a look around you and notice all the small details you have to show gratitude for, they may not be perfect but don’t worry nobody is, even with all the social attention in the world there is still a flaw to be found.

Self-Love Zine by Hattie Porter available at Etsy.com/shop/dogsnotdiets 

When it comes to learning to love ourselves and discovering how it is we mentally function it can be a little difficult to pinpoint one technique that makes us feel all that much better. 

This next item was chosen because sometimes the best lessons learned are those from experience, that’s why this self-love zine put together by Hattie Porter is almost perfect at changing the image we have ourselves without physically having done anything to the way we look. Each page captures a different element of learning to love ourselves written in a way that makes us want to keep fighting on!

Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Infusion

One thing that we’re not afraid to admit is that our love for tea goes a long way and that’s why when we saw this box of 20 from Clipper we immediately could not resist adding this into one of our boxes. 

Designed to help your mind and senses relax after a long or stressful day this decaffeinated infusion is great for bringing our thoughts back down to planet earth. Using only natural flavours to create a taste that sits nicely on the tongue before we decide to head off to bed. Adding this tea to your day along with other mindful choices will help you to sleep easier and enjoy a better quality rest to ensure that your mind switches off while you do too.

Lavender Handmade Natural Pie Soap by Soapshire available at Soapshire.co.uk

When it comes to feeling refreshed and clean it’s more than just your head that needs clearing out, feeling good on the outside also plays an important role in changing our mood. 

This next item is just a small sample of what Soapshire have to offer with their natural handmade soaps. Lavender of course helping to calm the mind whilst offering a soothing smell as you wash. This 100% vegan soap is perfect for self-care and leaves a scent of lavender throughout your day. See there really is more to it than writing down our thoughts and learning to love ourselves again, this soap gives us a positive reminder that we can always do our best even if we’re not feeling at our best.

24 Hour Planner

When it comes to thinking about tomorrow and what it is we want to achieve by the end of it often this can be very daunting and seems a little difficult to plan for without knowing in advance how the day will naturally flow. To combat this feeling we’ve come up with a short but to the point, worksheet to help you decide how you’ll spend the next 24 hours and how this will affect your mental health. 

A little loose plan is good every once in a while to help us get the most from our day. Some of us hate getting up early to find that we really have no idea what it is we’re supposed to be doing so this little tool is almost perfect in helping you get the most from your day. 

All that’s left to do is get those cogs turning!

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.

Staying in when others are out exposing themselves to social activities is nothing to be ashamed of, that’s why we’ve dedicated a whole Dark Spot to the indoors! There are a few dangers with staying in for too long though so we’ve tried our best to help you out with choosing your favourite past-time or  discovering a productive DIY task to fill your time.

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