May 2018 - What's in the Box?


May 2018 - What's in the Box?

Five months into the year already? Wow, time really does fly when we’re learning to love ourselves for who we are, instead of trying to changing and criticise every small detail. This months self-care box brings with it a taste of the British summertime, with things to grow and scents to help us unwind we really do love this time of year and so does our mind!

It’s not only the change in weather that we have to look forward to but the time spent together during some of the most social months of the year. However, the inspiration to go outside and talk to others is still something a lot of us struggle with, so here’s a little thought, smile, welcome others and take small steps towards feeling better and appearing more confident. 

Without further ado we present this months contents, enjoy!

Handstitched Turtle Toy by Erika Reva
See Her Blog at

Life's better with a little friend or someone to share it with, right? Well, whilst we tried to fit you a full-sized friend in the box sadly the mailing system doesn’t quite allow this. Instead, we have this handstitched turtle by Erika Reva all the way from Indiana, USA!

Erika runs a blog which documents her struggle with dissociative identity disorder and additional mental health conditions, which we find both uplifting and emotional, definitely worth the read. If there’s one thing you take from this stitched toy it’s that there is hope for you, along with plenty of ways to find purpose on this planet. The only difficult part is finding what that is, perhaps stitching is for you?

Adult Colouring and Wordsearch Book

When it comes to summer sometimes we can be a little torn as to what it is we should do with our time. Feeling a little hot and bothered and not really wanting to do anything too taxing on our mind, the answer to this? 

Why not try a bit of colouring and if this doesn’t last for long there’s always a word search to complete in this all-in-one activity book. Small and perfect for taking on any trip so use your time wisely and relax to the sound of a pencil to paper.

Sometimes the simpler tasks in life are those that help restore our sanity. Who said self-care had to be all about the cosmetic elements of your body?

Glass Jar Candle With Lid

Be kind, be more, be loved! Our glass jar candles come in three types whichever one you get just know that inspiration and unwinding are never too far away. 

A good candle always helps us to wind down and fills the air with a gentle smell to fill our airways with a smooth and caring odour. This small but simple candle holds a big amount of power, the sense of smell plays an important role in relieving stress and can even increase the effectiveness of anxiety reduction. 

Who knew a candle could be so inspiring and powerful in assisting us with everyday self-care.

Seeds and Planter

Some of us like it or not, may not be able to venture for long outdoors, whether this is due to hayfever, allergies or that the temperature only brings on our anxiety to almost full levels. The thinking behind these items within our box was that you can bring a taste of the outside world to your indoor one! 

Sunflower seeds to be sown and a perfect little planter to start off your seedling, it may take a little time to see any progress but by the end of the summer, we’re sure that you’ll see a big difference and a bring face to fill your day. Seeing change happen can be a good thing, it allows you to accept and open your mind to a greater world of opportunity. See it’s not just a sunflower!

Bubble Mixture and Blower

Admittedly when it came to opening this months box you probably weren’t expecting to see something that maybe belongs in a child's party bag. Correct but what if we said that there’s more to having fun than spending all night out away from home. Because it’s true, there are plenty of ways in which we can enjoy ourselves even if it only leads to 5 minutes of excitement experiencing and enjoying something thoroughly is completely worth every second. 

Take a little time to remind yourself of what it is you really enjoy and blow a few bubbles while you’re at it, it can be fun too!

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.

May’s Spot focus’ on slowing things down a little and knowing when to switch off to this ever expanding and connected world. Being active online is fun but it’s knowing how far this can go in affecting your mental health, like your eating habits, everything is helpful in moderation.