July 2018 - What's in the Box?


July 2018 - What's in the Box?

Summer really has shown it’s true colours this past month, we guess what we’re trying to get at here is that you should never allow the presence of fear to stop you from living life the way you wish. There will always be individuals and groups who disapprove of your actions but just remember to put your mental happiness first and you’ll not stray far from the right path. 

Inside this month’s box, we’ve decided upon a collection of items which reflect some of our favourite things to do along with a few gems which are personal to us in leading a mindful and self-care filled lifestyle. Self-care is quite a broad term but to us it simply means caring for your mind, aiming to lead a happier and fulfilled life for the moments that are yet to come. 

Enjoy x

Lightbulb Shaped Drinks Glass

Idea time! Which is exactly what came to mind when we saw this drinks glass.
Staying hydrated especially with the recent hot weather here in the UK is vital to both your survival and contributes towards a maintained positive mood. Whether you prefer something a little fruity or just plain water is your kind of thing remember to aim for around 8 glasses a day and you’re well on the way to a healthier lifestyle. 

This glass and straw are both cute and reusable, perfect for use around the home and on the go (just be careful because I am made of glass) 

DIY Sewing Kit

Discovering a new interest or rekindling with an old one can really ignite your imagination and enhances a sense of belonging within your mind. You may see sewing as a last resort or something that is slowly fading out, here’s where you’re wrong! 
The uptake of sewing/knitting has increased at a faster rate over the past few years and here are a few reasons why: 
It provides the same mindful benefits of meditation, is said to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression and slows cognitive decline.

If all of that wasn’t enough then just think of the end product, having created something almost entirely from scratch and being proud of your achievement.

Dr.Organic Organic Bio Balm

One of our favourite things about self-care is the vast array of skincare and beauty products out there on the market, the only issue, how are we to know which to trust and what works best where. 
This Bio Balm by Dr.Organic gets our seal of approval, the oily texture of this balm surprisingly doesn’t sit too heavily on the skin and leaves a strong lasting moisture on lips and cracked dry skin. Apply a small amount to the area of choice and the balm will begin to deeply replenish the skin, giving a natural glow to your overall appearance. 

“Appearance and the image we have of ourselves whether we like it or not will always play a role in the view we have of our bodies and can dramatically affect self-confidence. Creams and balms are a small tool but finding personal comfort without alteration are what we ultimately champion.”

Sudoku Puzzle Book

Exercise your mind. Go on, give your brain a little workout, admittedly number puzzles aren’t for everyone but they really do provide great benefits for your brain. Further to this, they’re great for days out or if you have 5-10 minutes to spare on your journey to work why not give one a go.

The rules are simple, using the number one to nine, fill each 3x3 grid with each figure the only conditions being no two of the same numbers can appear in that row or column. Once you get the grasp they can be great for or a pain to solve, either way, your brain age is being lowered with every move!

Polaroid Postcard

Each month when it comes to selecting items for our boxes we can’t help but cast our eyes over an aesthetic set of postcards, that are both well designed and display a positive message which enhances our day. This month we’ve decided to include yet another, this time with a polaroid picture look but still as inspirational as ever. 

Add it to your collection and if you’re like us on a down day pick one up and feel a little more inspired to make something good of this day. Collect your positive moments together and feel content with your accomplishments so far.

Dark Spot

Something that will remain constant throughout our boxes is the dark spots within them, an uplifting thought, inspirational quote or a task for you to carry out. The details are all on the spot, keep it with you if you like to remind yourself that happiness and being mentally well are never too far away.

Another’s perspective is this month’s focus, self-care isn’t all about being happy with our exterior and actions we like to see it as something we can share and help each other with. Everyone struggles in their own way and gaining an insight into this can help you as much as it will do listening to them.