January 2019 - The Contents.

January 2019 - The Contents.

A look at this months fresh set of self-care box items.

Before we get to the full list of contents, I’d like to begin by saying a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who we sent a box to, that visited the website or follows Darkspots across any of our platforms we really couldn’t have done this without your support. I guess it’s now time for us to take a look at what exactly went into our January 2019 box and how you can benefit from using these products as part of your self-care routine.

Just a quick note to say that the face mask is my favourite!

Enjoy, Liam x

2019 Diary

When it comes to a new year we like to think that we have everything under control but we all know that’s not quite true. So in order to get your organisation in check and ensure that you’re mentally prepared for the year ahead we’ve chosen this cute bag sized diary. With plenty of space for notes, checklists and of course for highlighting your birthday!

Available in two designs, selected at random upon delivery.


Availability and more information at www.theworks.co.uk/

Light Clay

Taming anxious hands that just need to unleash their fury can be tough, this light clay from Flying Tiger may not be an exact cure but it really does go a long way at helping. Perfect for getting creative and adding a little bit of mindless fun to your day, sometimes you just need to distract in order to win the mentally blocking fight.

Availability and more information at uk.flyingtiger.com/

Wish Bracelet

Handmade and every inch authentic this wish bracelet by So Sentimental Gifts is an instant reminder that just being yourself is enough. Wear each day to add sentiment and meaning to your every action, when the knot breaks your need for the reminder of being enough will be needed no longer.

Availability and more information at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SoSentimentalGifts

Charcoal Face Mask

Boasting 96% natural ingredients this product is perhaps more superior than your average face mask, making self-care a little more hands... or should we say, face on! Sometimes all we need is for someone to press that reset button and this might just be that, give it a try, there’s a first for everything.

Availability and more information at yesto.com/

Dark Spot

There’s one in every box! Positive messages, inspiring anecdotes and words to help you through the month.

Think you or a friend might be interested in receiving a box next month?

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