Our Darkspots Self-Care Box.

£15.99/Month (incl UK delivery)

A Darkspots Box is something that we've been working on for some time, whilst we're still yet to "perfect" this art what we do know is that it's great for a monthly mood boost, includes contents you're unlikely to readily find elsewhere and is almost certain to add at least a sprinkle of positivity to your life. 


Whilst we can't let this secret go we can tell you that products are unique month to month and each box will feature 4 to 5 items plus a Dark Spot and then there's the added hand packed feel for extra measure and care. 

For clues and previous box contents give our blog a peek or even check out our Instagram feed.

The Facts.

  • Shipped at the beginning of each calendar month.

  • Payments taken at the end of the previous calendar month prior to delivery.

  • Includes 4-5 item plus 1 Dark Spot per box.

  • Non-gender specific.

  • Caters for all age ranges.

  • Personally packed.

Thank you x

Delivery at the beginning of each calendar month; returns not accepted; items and contents are subject to availability; See full T&C's for details.